Monday, December 4, 2017

Sewer Line Repair in the Winter.

Repairing a backed-up sewer line is tough enough under any and all conditions, but it’s especially difficult in the dead of a central-Illinois winter.  Sewer lines carry waste away from your property.  When they malfunction, that sewage backs up and comes into your toilet and onto the floor.

When sewer lines go bad, a professional looks for –

1.  Poorly maintained lines
2.  Tree roots have grown into lines
3.  Aging pipes have cracked
4.  Freezing = potential problems

On that last point, prepare for a possible problem in the months to come.  Dave Bailey Plumbing Inc. has been your sewer line repair professionals for many years.  Dave and his crew proudly serve the area around Morton, Pekin, and East Peoria.  A sewer line back-up must NOT be ignored!  Call Dave Bailey Plumbing Inc. today at (309) 265-6788.