Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Small Town Service.

Being a good service company is what everyone in the plumbing business should strive for.  If you offer fair prices, quick response, and thorough work then you will get a great reputation within the communities that you serve.  If you service a smaller populated area you had better concentrate on reputation.  It is the benchmark of a great small-town plumber.

Look at an example of what they are saying about Dave Bailey of Dave Bailey Plumbing in Morton Illinois.  “We were blown away by Dave’s service!  We happened to call another plumber and they never called back.  Then we called Dave.  Within less than a day we had a new water heater working at our home”.

So, there it is.  Efficiency combined with care and responsiveness is what a small-town plumber strives for.  Dave and his crew get high marks for both AND their prices are always competitive.  They can’t have it any other way.  If you have a plumbing problem in Morton, Pekin, East Peoria, or the surrounding area call Dave Bailey Plumbing first at (309) 265-6788.

FUNtastic Summer Activities

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Something for every child to enjoy!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

What Did You Flush Down There?

How many times have you already said that this summer and the season is only half over?  The kids are home and things get put into garbage disposals and flushed down toilets in your home that are not the norm.  A blocked toilet is one of our worst household fears.  It happens to the best of us…rich and poor.  Toilets do not respect social status!

If it looks like the water might overflow out of the toilet, one suggestion is to take the lid off the tank as quickly as possible and closing the toilet flapper.  Now, if you’re worried that your flush has a good chance of turning into a flood, take off the top before you pull the trigger.  Then, hold your breath and flush.

The results may not be what you hope for.  The truth is, we all seem to think that we can troubleshoot a potentially flooding toilet.  Why not just call the toilet clogging repair experts in our area?  That’s Dave Bailey Plumbing serving Morton, East Peoria, Pekin and related areas around Central Illinois.  Give Dave a call at (309) 265-6788. Turn around don’t drown…LOL!

Get out and hit the road for Grand View Drive!

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Get out and enjoy one of the most beautiful drives in the Peoria area.  

Monday, July 2, 2018

Troubleshoot that Tank.

No, this is not some WWII war strategy.  We are talking about your electric Hot Water Heater tank.  Electric hot water troubleshooting starts out with some testers to track down your problem. To make it worse, the testers are not that easy to use. Add to that, the significant danger involved with the 240-volt power that is feeding your electric hot water tank.

Has the breaker tripped for some reason?  If so, hit the reset button on the heating elements.  We are talking about serious electricity here…240 volts at thirty amps. People have been killed from that kind of current!  Don’t even think of looking at the situation unless the power is turned off.  This may not be a quick fix, even though having no hot water is a real bummer.

A professional plumber is needed in this situation.  For those of us from Morton, East Peoria, Pekin, and the surrounding Central Illinois area the answer is water heater troubleshooter Dave Bailey.  He and his trusted crew at Dave Bailey Plumbing will discover the problem and repair or replace it.  Call Dave right away at (309) 265-6788.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Peoria July 4th Fireworks, Parades and More: 2018 Guide

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 "PEORIA, IL- July 4th is quickly approaching, which means it's time to fire up that barbecue, stock up on sparklers, and find out what Fourth of July fireworks and festivities are going on near you this Independence Day." 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Ahhh…Time for a Nice Dirty Shower.

What’s that…a DIRTY shower?  You do it several times a week, if not every day, but all of that soaping, lathering, and rinsing, may be doing your skin a serious disservice.  For older citizens of the Morton area dry skin and itching, may progress to eczema.  As you grow older so do those oil glands, so you become much more prone to dry skin.

For everyone, young and old there is the risk of flu and, eventually even cancer.  Here are a couple of tips.  Don’t take extremely hot showers.  Don’t stand in the shower until you “prune out”.  Deodorant soap may contain elements that strip your skin of moisture.  Over-soaping…parts of your body don’t have much oil to give up.

Dave Bailey Plumbing has a number of different options when it comes to water purification.  Among them are filters, whole house filtration systems, water softeners and reverse osmosis systems.  Your health and that of your family may be at stake here!  Contact Morton Illinois area water purification professionals Dave Bailey Plumbing at (309) 265-6788.