Thursday, February 6, 2020

Romance Under the Stars

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"This Valentine’s Day, enjoy a romantic tour of the Cosmos in the Dome Planetarium. Explore the current night sky and its romantic constellations and visit some of the most breathtaking places in our Universe. Each guest will receive a complimentary glass of wine and small bag of chocolates."

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

It Is Purely Up to You.

We hear it often…Many people in Central Illinois are adamant about drinking plenty of water, but how many consider the potential long-term health effects if you and your family are drinking unfiltered water?  Is it “bad” for you?  After all, the vast majority of people world-wide do not have the luxury of drinking filtered water.

Public water systems usually collect water from the surface and ground for public consumption. This water is treated of course, yet more exposure to contaminants can happen as drinking water is treated, and even in the delivery process to homes.  There are many types of chemicals and contaminants to which drinking water is exposed.

You don’t have to work for the CDC to know that area residents can be exposed to potential chronic health challenges.  The answer in the Morton, IL area is to have Dave Bailey Plumbing install a water purification system.  Call Dave today and he or one of his crew will come out and purify your home (at least its drinking water)!  That’s Dave Bailey Plumbing at (309) 265-6788.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

It’s Freezing Out Here.

By far the most common problem in the winter months in Central Illinois is frozen pipes, which obviously happens when the weather gets so cold that the water in your pipes freezes.  The first thing to do is turn off your water at the supply to keep any more water from clogging up and bursting the pipes.

Another side effect is the potential for a water line break.  When water freezes inside a line, it can cause blockages that will likely grow and eventually cause major leaks.  There are pressure relief valves that can be installed in your water line in certain areas to help make sure these blockages don’t occur.  That typically requires professional help.

Voila…enter the plumbing professionals at Dave Bailey Plumbing!  Dave and his team serve the needs of Morton, East Peoria, Pekin and the surrounding area.  Frozen pipes are just one of his areas of expertise in this cold winter of 2020.  When pipes freeze call Dave of Dave Bailey Plumbing at (309) 265-6788. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Sump Pumps and Winter.

It’s not a great combination.  There are certain times of year in which you need to keep a close eye on all the installations and appliances in your home that use water, particularly during the dead of winter when it is unbearably cold.  Sump pumps are most often used in areas where there is high water. 

Here are some tips to keep your sump pump running this time of year –

1.  Have the water running slightly to keep it from freezing.
2.  Put your sump pump on a slight slope.
3.  Insulate the discharge section.
4.  Increase the distance between the pump and the waste water area.

All of these things will help you get through another Central Illinois winter.  One thing’s for sure, when your sump pump needs to be repaired or replaced there is one man to call.  That’s Dave Bailey of Dave Bailey Plumbing.  He and his crew handle plumbing mishaps in Morton and the surrounding area.  Just call (309) 265-6788.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Christmas in Peoria. It’s Quite a Tradition.

Did you know that Peoria, Illinois has the longest running Santa Claus parade in the nation?  That’s right, this one will be the 133rd edition!  That very first parade in 1887 consisted of boats and derricks sailing down the river as part of the new bridge construction.  What a spectacular sight that must have been just before the turn of the 20th century.

By December 1889, Frederick Block of the Schipper and Block Department Store sponsored a parade that followed the same route and featured, you guessed it…Santa Claus!  This created the concept of a department-store parade that was later emulated in larger cities.  Various attractions in the parade through the years included fireworks, circus wagons, a calliope, live reindeer and numerous parade floats.

Here in Morton we are looking forward to the 2019 Santa Claus parade hoping that it will be bigger and better than ever.  Dave and Kendra Bailey would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season from our family at Dave Bailey Plumbing of Morton Illinois to you and yours.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Peoria Area Holiday Events

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Central Illinois loves the holidays! Celebrate the holidays with us this year by checking out one of the many fun events happening around the area. From the nation's longest-running holiday parade to the new Magical Cirque Christmas coming to the Peoria Civic Center, there is something for everyone to enjoy!


Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The Ejector vs. The Grinder.

No, this is not some cataclysmic wrestling match coming to The Peoria Civic Center.  Ejector and Grinder in this case refers to different sewage pumps.  Pumps are considered high volume/low pressure submersible solids handling pumps.  Sewage Grinder pumps have cutting blades that grind the raw sewage before passing it through the discharge line.

Which pump is right for you?  A sewage ejector pump is a good choice when pumping to a pressurized sewer main, when covering a longer distance, or if the sewage has to be lifted to a much higher level.  An ejector pump is correct when pumping sewage to a septic tank or when pumping sewage to a gravity sewer main.

Now, this is one dirty job where you do NOT have to be an expert!  Just call Dave Bailey at Dave Bailey Plumbing serving Morton, East Peoria, Pekin, and the surrounding area.  Let Dave’s team roll up their sleeves and determine how to keep your drains flowing smoothly.  Call Dave Bailey Plumbing at (309) 265-6788.