Friday, February 16, 2018

Sewer Line Clogs May be an Unseen Disaster.

You may not notice it.  You may not even smell it, but a sewer line clog can be disastrous to your Central Illinois home.  Most homeowners probably know that sewer lines help transport waste water from their home to underground sewer mains.  Beyond that, most people give little thought to their sewer lines until they have some type of clog.

Here are a couple of signs to watch for-

1.  Water backing up from a drain or toilet.
2.  Those dreaded tree roots!  Those beautiful trees in your backyard may have grown into the sewer lines and created a nasty clog.

What to do?

It is important to shut off the water main.  Request a video inspection from a licensed professional.  That is where Dave Bailey and his team enter the picture.  They will inspect, diagnose, and repair your clogged sewer lines in Morton, East Peoria, Pekin and the surrounding area.  Don’t wait for disaster to strike!  Call Dave Bailey Plumbing at (309) 265-6788.

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